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Welcome to orientation!

In an effort to make our services more accessible to the increasing number of people reaching out to us (and because a lot of psychology is psycho-education, we are now offering that you get some of your needs met with this orientation class. This class is intended for potential clients/students and family members to help orient to our approach because what we do is somewhat different to what one might expect. We created this class to help guide you through it. Our intentions is to help people connect to healing practices that are effective and supportive. In general, we are also looking at changing how mental health is viewed societally and how one experiences mental health services.

Our approach sees that regulating the body is critical to your overall health and psychological quality of life, which is why we typically start with Neurofeedback, skill building/resourcing, and meditation services. After you complete this course material, you can make an intake appt that may be 1-hour to answer any questions or you can do a 2-3 hours intake so that you can get started. The first video in this class is basically what would be doing in our first session – or another way to look at is that this is what I usually do/say during initial appointments with clients. By the end of this class/course, you will be able to know what path of care is best for you. However, there is more information outlined out here: www.mutualarisingcounseling.org/greetings/

Once you have signed up for this orientation, you can utilize the first 3 lessons in the Mindful Meditation Class for free. By signing up for this course, you are actively taking responsibility for your own wellbeing and will not pursue any legal action against the content creators. This is for educational purposes. There are more skills available in the last sections of this orientation. This does not constitute therapy as you can google it all the same. Consult a physician or your current mental health provider before engaging.