Anger Management Class

This self-paced class is meant to be helpful in reducing anger, stress, and connecting with the unconscious processes of the body, creating good habits of self-regulation, and initiating states of healing. 

If you are in Track 1: Go at your own pace and do a lesson a week for 8-weeks. Do the practices 2-7 days a week.

If you are on Track 2: Do a lesson a week for 8-weeks in combination with your individual session amount. Do the practices 2-7 days a week.

The more you can build mindful practices into your schedule the more you can get out of it. You are invited to journal and create creative expressions along the way. Also, tracking symptoms in your journaling is a great way to increase your awareness around your body and mental processes. Content in this course will continually be revised and added to so check back regularly.

By signing up for this course, you are actively taking responsibility for your your own wellbeing and will not pursue any legal action against the content creators. This is for educational purposes. This does not constitute therapy. Consult a physician or you current mental health provider before fully engaging. *DONT LISTEN TO ANY OF THESE AUDIO RECORDINGS WHILE OPERATING A VEHICLE OR PERFORMING LIFE-THREATENING ACTIVITIES.